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Speech Driven EHR Charting

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Reduce your documentation time by 50% with Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq, the cutting-edge medical speech recognition & EMR Process automation tool!

Simple-to-create shortcuts enable providers to save hundreds of clicks a day, making more time for what is vital – patient care.
Fusion Narrate® is brought to you by KLAS Category Leader, Dolbey, and leverages superior Cloud-based speech recognition while providing exceptional accuracy. Providers can hit the ground running with no additional training phase.

Fusion Narrate® Deliverables:

  • Ability to use anywhere, in any application, with a single license
  • No onsite servers to maintain
  • One-click client installation on workstations and mobile devices
  • The latest version of software always – no downtime for upgrades
  • Dolbey’s Vision Click feature automates routine processes and eliminates thousands of mouse clicks with simple, yet powerful, voice commands
  • 100% North American sales and support
Contact a GLI services consultant to learn more about this amazing product, or begin boosting your productivity today by calling or emailing GLI to place an order.

Applications for Process Automation

  • Speech driven documentation software and voice capture devices delivering HD Audio for legal, medical and other services
  • Paragon All American Transcription Services
  • LYM CDI Services for Outpatient Facilities
  • Behavioral Health Care single database charting, billing and scheduling
  • Electronic Form technology to eliminate paper and accelerate data capture
  • ID to Data Conversion scan system for intake and patient registration

Featured HIM Automation Solutions from Great Lakes Informatics

Technology solutions developed to create, organize and move information at a secure rapid pace through your health care organizations.
Technology that places an emphasis on reduced operating costs, revenue cycle management, and operational efficiency is what we deliver:

Charting with the #1 Speech Recognition Application
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Best in KLAS 2012-2016

Fusion SpeechEMR® offers physicians the best speech recognition tool in the industry with the ability to work with any EMR or third party application, like Microsoft Outlook email. SpeechEMR allows a physician to insert recognized text into any free form text area without the need of specialized integration. Easy steps using a Philips SpeechMike™ to leverage speech driven charting that is extremely fast and reliable.

  • No interface or integration setup required
  • Migrate with ease between front-end and back-end recognition from a single license
  • Reduce “keyboarding” dramatically and improve CDI.

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Secure Patient-Centered Mobile Messaging

Akario Backline
Secure HIPAA-compliant messaging

Eliminates interruptions and improves care coordination for physicians & staff through secure texting. Developed for Acute, Skilled Care, Behavioral Health and other clinical environments.

Backline delivers collaborative care with the following features:

  • Private, group, or patient-specific care team chats
  • Event notification distribution to internal and external providers
  • Supports clinical content sharing in virtually any format
  • iPhone & Android clinical messaging platforms
  • Web access supported on all common browsers

Contact a GLI Application Consultant for requirements, desired outcomes review, pricing models, & demonstrations!

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Electronic Forms
All of your forms management needs. In one place.

Access Enterprise Forms Management (EFM) is a hospital-wide approach to transforming paper driven processes into efficient, paperless workflows.

Integrate patient demographics and clinical data seamlessly into EHRs – no manual indexing.

  • Using pre-printed paper forms wastes the time of hospital staff members, incurs high financial and environmental costs, and puts patient safety in jeopardy.
  • Healthcare organizations moving to an electronic forms “on demand system” are gaining significant cost savings to and eliminating waste (staff time / paper handling)
  • Create paperless or paper-light processes
  • Improve data mobility, accuracy and security
  • Support disaster planning and green initiatives

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