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Enhance Care Delivery and Improve Clinical Outcomes with Clinical Secure Mobile Messaging

Patient information cycles continuously throughout your hospital, skilled care, or behavioral healthcare facility. For this reason, it’s important to have flexible communication tools that make it easy for clinical staff to connect and share, securely, quickly and reliably from anywhere. Akario Backline Enterprise, built exclusively for healthcare, empowers your staff with a cutting-edge clinical secure mobile messaging platform that significantly improves productivity and patient outcomes while protecting PHI.

Clinical Secure Mobile Messaging, The Secure Way to Discuss Patient Health Information

Patient-Centered Chat is generated automatically via your EMR’s ADT/HL7 interface, providing an easy-to-access, central forum for patient communication. As a result, you can expect higher levels of care team collaboration and productivity, reducing wasted time from traditional forms of communication.

Reach Beyond the Walls of Your Hospital or Skilled Care Center to the Healthcare Community and Patients

Akario Backline connects your facility with healthcare workers inside and outside your organization. Additionally, your providers can communicate directly with patients in single-session, secure mobile messaging chats that are initiated and terminated by the provider.

pdf Backline Case Studies with Hospice & Nursing Centers

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Backline delivers collaborative care with the following features for clinical secure mobile messaging

  • Private, group, or patient-specific care team chats
  • Event notification distribution to internal and external providers
  • Supports clinical content sharing in virtually any format
  • iPhone & Android clinical messaging platforms
  • Web access supported on all common browsers


Akario Enterprise is the web-based, user-friendly administrative console that enables oversight and reporting for Backline

  • Administer users, rights and privileges
  • Create and monitor user groups
  • Search and control message content
  • Track user analytics and insights
  • Message and audit trail search, retention and archiving

Great Lakes Informatics brings you Akario Backline Enterprise through its national partnership with Dr. First.
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Backline Consultant:

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