Behavioral Health EMR / Practice Management

Behavioral Health EMR / Practice Management

Is your organization looking for a behavioral health care provider with a platform designed to maximize revenue, control costs, comply with the constantly changing regulatory environment, and improve patient services?

Our Epitomax EMR / Practice Management system is a browser-based, integrated software solution for behavioral health care providers that offers full set of functions for hospitals, inpatient, outpatient, community social services, and other specialized programs running in single or multiple locations.

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  • Premise-based or hosted, complete EMR / Practice Management System
  • Epitomax is highly configurable, easy to use, web-based, and fully integrated
  • Epitomax has achieved ONC-ATCB Complete EHR Ambulatory Certification

System Highlights

  • Highly Configurable Intuitive EMR – We build your clinical forms, link progress notes to your treatment plan, create electronic forms with discrete data, and utilize tools to generate narratives. Navigation is simple with minimal training.
  • Dashboards are customizable for user roles.
  • Tablets and mobile devices are supported – Epitomax is browser based.  
  • Tablet / Mobile e-signing (new feature)
  • e-Prescribing – DrFirst was developed and approved for dispensing psychotropic drugs.
  • Scheduling  Global & individual.
  • Billing – Electronic or paper claims and electronic remittance – no charge, in contrast to most EMR vendors. Epitomax also can function efficiently with any industry 3rd party billing application.
  • Secure internal messaging
  • Document Upload Option for Dictated Reports – Internal and outsourced reports (chart notes, narratives, etc.) can be automatically uploaded. Speech recognition is also available.
  • e-Forms – Module offers e-signing for consents, release of information, etc.. Since every facility is unique, customization is offered as well to deliver the best workflow.  Eliminate paper forms and scanning. The average facility can save thousands $$$ on an annual basis. Printing and scanning is a waste of resources!
  • Medical Administration Reporting System – Speed up med passes, reduce medication errors and increase revenues.

A Wide Range of Behavioral Health
Care Services

We’d like to learn more about your organizations goals and needs for moving from a paper intensive system to an EMR that delivers significant gains in productivity.

Perhaps your current system is out-dated or you are starting from the ground up and replacing paper charts?  Migration services are available to significantly reduce the burden of transitioning PHI to the Epitomax platform.


Please complete our product inquiry form today or call Tom Spees, our Epitomax Specialist, at GLI to review your requirements in greater detail.  We are available to assess workflow requirements / special services, manage web demonstrations, and provide pricing.