Dolbey Fusion Narrate® Powered By nVoq™




Think Outside the Box and Work in the Cloud. 


Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoqTM leverages superior cloud-based speech recognition, providing exceptional accuracy and helping providers hit the ground running.

                              Functions efficiently with all EMR systems, as well as desktop, web and mobile devices.
                              Installs in seconds and allows admins to push policy and update accounts via the web.
                              Creates speech profiles in minutes, eliminating the initial speech-recognition training phase.


More Face Time and Less Screen Time
Reduce Documentation Time by 40% with Fusion Narrate®

A recent AMA study concluded that for every hour a doctor spends with a patient on average, two additional hours are spent on the EHR along with deskwork during the normal clinic day.

“Data entry has become more demanding than practicing medicine.” – Dr. Gupta, Chicago

Complete clinical documentation is essential, but not at the cost of time spent with patients and family! Fusion Narrate®, with EMR navigation speech commands and very reliable recognition, can significantly speed up EMR engagement.

                              Enhances physician productivity, allowing more time for direct patient care.
                              Produces accurate documents in real time with Best in KLAS Speech Recognition and Front-End Imaging.
                              Reduces clicks and automated charting with vision-based voice-command navigation.
                              Flags missing ICD-10 reporting elements with computer assisted physician documentation (CAPD).
                              Tracks clinician efficiency through secure online analytics to ensure compliance.


Happy physicians, great outcomes!

For over 25 years, Great Lakes Informatics has been providing voice recording and document management solutions designed to help healthcare organizations improve workflow, boost productivity and increase profitability. Fusion Narrate® is like no other medical speech processing application, transforming how physicians and clinicians interface with EMRs. Please engage GLI for more details. Evaluation licenses are available.