Electronic Forms Management

Everyone knows using paper forms is an outdated, inefficient and costly way to do business, but do you know what it really costs you?

AIIM published a whitepaper in 2012 that includes the results of a survey conducted with 477 of its 64,000 community members.

In the AIIM survey, respondents estimated how much it costs them, per document or form, in printing, distribution, mailing, collection, and sorting, prior to either scanning or paper-based processing (Source: © AIIM2013 www.aiim.org)

  • The average cost per form is $4.56
  • The median is $2.00
  • 20% of respondents spent more than $10 per form!

e-Forms Enterprise

Is your hospital wasting time and resources on pre-printed forms?
Are you constantly printing duplicate patient charts and forms?
Can your hospital share patient information among healthcare providers in a timely manner?

  • Access EFM enables your facility to transform traditionally convoluted, paper-driven processes into efficient, paperless workflows.
  • With Access solutions, print only what you need for the patient, then complete the forms online without generating more paper.
  • Access EFM enables you to capture, share and integrate data between physicians and systems, across your organization.

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Benefits of GLI’s e-Forms enterprise-focused approach include:

  • Improve patient care and safety
  • Create paperless or paper-lite forms processes
  • Advance the EHR initiative by bridging the gaps between clinical, health information systems and clinical devices

In addition, Access EFM can help you make your patients safer by creating barcoded wristbands at admission and barcoded medication and specimen labels on clinical floors.

At Great Lakes Informatics, we can help your hospital improve patient data mobility, accuracy and security. Reach out to GLI so that we may help you eliminate the financial, productivity and environmental costs of pre-printed forms.

Our goal was to find a forms management solution that would cut costs, improve patient flow and support patient safety goals. Access EFM was a perfect fit alongside our EMR system.John Meharg, HIT Director at Norman Regional Health System