Fusion Speech Processing & Transcription Production Systems

Advanced Speech Processing Solutions

If you understand the important role of dictation, you understand the importance of the dictation system in healthcare. With the emphasis on the EHR/EMR, you need reliability and your users require flexibility, Fusion Voice® speech processing delivers this and much more.

Are your providers challenged with documenting the patient story?
Specifically, with the use of point-n-click, structured templates?
Do your providers prefer traditional narrative dictation and transcription?
Do your providers have the tools necessary for reliable and flexible dictation?

It is estimated that 60% of all patient documentation is still performed by dictation and transcription. 

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Secure Dictation and Document Management
The new Fusion Voice® System raises the bar in the dictation industry for centralized dictation management for any organization, from the largest hospitals and medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) to clinics and physician offices. The management software, Fusion Voice® Manager, empowers managers and administrators with the tools they need to manage transcription staff or outside contractors with skills-based routing, statistical reporting, definable security and more.

At GLI, we are your technology provider for Fusion Voice® and Digital Dictation solutions. Call GLI for a meaningful discussion about your speech processing requirements and let us help your department develop solutions to meet your objectives. Experience the power and flexibility of Fusion Voice® so that your organization can maintain cost and efficiency with this industry leading technology.

Scalable, reliable and feature rich, the Fusion Voice® System incorporates today’s technology to efficiently handle today’s challenging dictation and transcription problems. More depend on Fusion Voice® to run their daily business of dictation than any other system.

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Fusion Dictate® with PACS and EHR Integration – Improve documentation accuracy and patient care with Fusion PC Dictate and EHR/PACS integration. Automatically import patient demographic information from your PACS or EHR into the voice recording. Imagine no more missing or transposed patient numbers!

The Fault Tolerance Module (FTM) option for Fusion Voice® offers a system design that automatically switches over to a back-up system in the event of a failure. Because if you had a catastrophic failure in one of your dictation servers your doctors can continue dictating and HIM can continue transcribing.

  • Enhanced HIPAA Features include audit trails, Integrated encryption and enhanced application security
  • Embedded Speech – Fusion Voice® incorporates a very unique approach to integrated advance speech recognition with traditional dictation technology.  Save time and money by reducing transcription efforts!
  • Flexible – Stand alone or part of your overall Fusion solution, this application can be used for healthcare, legal and business dictation applications.
  • Mobile Dictation Solutions – Fusion supports nearly all digital portable dictation devices from portable dictation recorders to smartphones. Dictation on-the-go is a necessity for many healthcare providers and Fusion can meet this need.
  • PC-Based Dictation – Many physicians dictate at or near a PC, Fusion Dictation provides the tools to dictate with installed software and optional microphones.
  • PC-Based Transcription – Fusion Player is the most widely used medical transcription playback option in the market today. Turn any PC workstation into a playback machine with a USB headset and foot pedal.
  • Station-Based Transcription – If a PC is not an option, Fusion Voice® still supports transcription playback from new dedicated transcription stations that provide the headset and foot pedal over a phone line.