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STOP Photocopying and/or Manually Typing in Patient Data!

START Importing Information into your PM/EHR as Discrete Data!

SmartScan Intake is a powerful solution for scanning and retrieving information from driver’s licenses and medical insurance cards! Not only can SmartScan Intake automatically extract vital information from the insurance cards, but it can place the data into appropriate fields. In addition to this, the image of the card will become interactive, allowing the user to select specific fields, parts of a field, or even multiple fields together for additional extraction.

SmartScan Intake quickly and accurately captures the image of driver’s licenses and medical insurance cards from both sides of the card. The captured image can be attached to the patient’s electronic chart, saved to a file, or exported to various applications, emailed, and sent to an FTP or web address.

ScanShell 900DX – Driver Licenses and Standard Insurance Cards

ScanShell 3100D - Medicare and Other Large ID Card Formats

ScanShell 3100D – Medicare and Other Large ID Card Formats


  • Extract textual data from Medical Insurance Cards and Driver’s Licenses
  • Duplex scanner – Captures both front and back of the image simultaneously
  • Time-out security feature for PHI data – PHI data not stored on server or cloud
  • Cloud-based solution


  • Expedite patient R-ADT process by auto data capture
  • Reduce claim denials and improve revenue cycle
  • Reduced data input errors
  • Save time and money

GLI represents SmartScan Intake technology geared for patient registration personnel throughout the Great Lakes region. Enjoy “Faster, More Accurate, Efficient Workflow”, with our cloud-based scanning solution.

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SmartScan Intake Consultant:

Tom Spees, CTO