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Medical documentation is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Winscribe’s speech productivity and medical documentation solutions enable physicians to use their voices to quickly and thoroughly document patient encounters and other reports.

Winscribe offers mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and medical documentation workflow management solutions that help clinicians produce documentation faster and more accurately, while protecting the security of sensitive patient information.

Reduce document turnaround and improve patient care

Speech-driven documentation can help to ease this burden on healthcare professionals. By utilizing Winscribe’s intelligent dictation, speech recognition and workflow capabilities, you can reduce the time spent manually composing and distributing documentation. In turn, you can reduce your document turnaround time and increase the time that you have available to spend more time with patients.

Save costs and improve your physicians’ and support staff’s productivity

Speech–driven documentation is available immediately to you and/or your transcriptionists, which improves report turnaround time and maximizes productivity. By literally eliminating or reducing keystrokes, transcription and other administrative costs are significantly lowered.  Cost savings can also be attributed to the ability to share hardware across multiple offices, decreased courier costs and indirectly to enhance patient satisfaction levels.

Secure, compliant and paperless medical reports

All data files are encrypted and securely transferred via HTTPS transmission, and with Winscribe Text’s tracking features, full HIPAA compliant auditing trails record when, who and what changes have been made within the system.

Bring together disparate Health Information Systems

Winscribe’s solutions can integrate with your organization’s EMR, PACS, Patient Management System or another Health Information System (HIS) to improve reporting capabilities, reduce duplicate data entry and improve your documentation workflow.

Take control of your organizational workloads

Being able to see employee workloads and having the ability to reallocate work according to your administrative decisions assists your organization in managing the optimum usage of resources.

The analytics available with Winscribe‘s software systems allow for close analysis of individual and group workloads in real time, as well as tracking and monitoring of data access.

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