Dragon Legal Individual v15



The next-generation speech-recognition software that is specifically designed with your law practice in mind.

Spend more time serving your clients. Use your voice to instantaneously create digital legal documentation, improve your practice’s productivity and reduce transcription costs.


Why we advocate using Dragon Legal Individual v15

This speech-recognition software is not only the most advanced available today; it offers legal professionals benefits that no other speech-recognition software can.

Advanced transcription capabilities

Turn a single audio file or batch of audio files into text by simply dragging and dropping the files into Dragon’s Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA).



A comprehensive legal vocabulary
Quickly create and format case files, contracts, legal citations, notices and briefs with Dragon’s next generation speech technology. Leveraging Deep Learning technology, Dragon Legal Individual v15 was trained on 400 million words from legal documents that provides users with a comprehensive legal vocabulary built for legal-specific accuracy.

Full text and voice command controls

Dictate, edit and control within your favorite desktop and web applications.

Customize macros that you can create that help you eliminate saying or doing the same things repeatedly. Share them with other members of your legal practice to further boost efficiency.

Customizable macros

What’s new with Dragon Legal Individual v15


Full Text & Command Controls for WordPerfect® X8 and Skype for Business


Increased speed and up to 15% improved accuracy over previous versions


       Continuous learning capabilities that learns with you and adapts for individual accuracy


      Optimal accuracy achieved for users with accents or in noisy environments


      Improved number, email, hyperlink and Roman numeral recognition and formatting


      Touchscreen optimization allows legal documentation to be completed anytime and anywhere


      Improved microphone selection for faster and easier setup


      Improved user interface that makes Dragon’s powerful features easier to discover and use


      Enhanced transcription reduces the number of steps required to transcribe audio recordings

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Speech driven legal documentation improves revenue cycles for legal professionals.

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